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Des Russell

I was a pupil 1944 to 1948.I have a photo of the whole school in 1947 with all the masters/mistresses including Mr AO Chesters(who caned me once or twice - deserved).

I left at 15 years of age and worked on a farm in Upwell,went on to drive a tractor for a contractor,just before I was 18 I joined the RAF for 5 years,trained as a wireless mechanic and then as a fitter,left in 1955 and worked for Pye Ltd in Cambridge,then to a radio & T/V retailer in Cambridge,started my own business in 1960,worked for Sir Clive Sinclair as Production Manager 1972/79,started another business,learned to fly,retired now and have my own helicopter.

I was able to achieve the above mainly because I was educated at Wisbech Grammar School. It would be nice if old friends could get together for a drink and a chat. 

Tony Saunderson

I was a pupil at the Grammar School (South Brink) 1944 to 1949, a difficult time with everything in short supply. Nevertheless, I received an excellent education which stood me in good stead for my future career.

I qualified as an electrical engineer and for 20 years worked on industrial installations worldwide. From 1973 until I retired in 1996, I managed major power station projects in the UK, India and Canada.

These days my activities are restricted mainly to golf and family history research and looking after grandchildren.

I have had virtually no contact with Wisbech since 1949 but I am glad to see that the school is one of the foremost independent schools in the country.

Bernard Smith

Attended the Grammar School at the same time as Arthur Loughton (see above). Born and raised at Rose Lane, Elm, in 1931. I have spent most of my life as a dairy farm manager, and am now retired. I am keen to hear from other old boys from this time.

Pamela Fitchett

I attended Wisbech Grammar School 'Kindergarten' in (I think !) 1940. Later attended the Queen's School and Tottenham Technical College.

My family still lives in Wisbech and my sister teaches patchwork and quilting at the Isle College, and she is a graduate of the Wisbech High School. She is Peggy Mason, I was Pamela Miller.

I left England in 1957 and have lived in Oklahoma, Colorado and California. Currently retired. I own a travel agency and take advantage of the perks therefrom! Would be interested in hearing from persons travelling to the US.

Arthur Loughton

I must be one of the older WOG cybernauts! Born Fridaybridge 1931. Attended WGS when it was on the SOUTH brink 1942-49, under A.O.Chesters. School Captain 1948-49. B.Sc.Horticulture and M.Sc at Nottingham, 1954 and 1961. Worked at the MAFF Exp. Hort Station near Selby, Yorks 1954-67, then emigrated to Canada to continue career in hort. research. Retired May 1996 as Director of the Horticultural Research Institute of Ontario station at Simcoe, Ontario, 1 1/2 hours west of Niagara Falls.

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